Nordisk Panorama Short & Doc Film Festival

Nordisk Panorama Nordic Short & Doc Film Festival is arranged by Film i Skåne, Malmö Stad and Nordisk Panorama, an organisation by the filmmakers for the filmmakers, established by the independent Nordic short & documentary film community.

Since the start in 1990 Nordisk Panorama Festival has travelled between the five Nordic countries, changing location from year to year, but since 2013 the festival has made Malmö, Sweden, its permanent home, teaming up with the local partners Malmö Stad (the City of Malmö), and Film i Skåne to reach a wide local audience, committed to the documentary and short film genres.

Nordisk Panorama’s main function is to serve as a common Nordic platform for a stronger production and distribution network within the Nordic countries and a visible united exposure internationally, joining a strong cultural profile with a driven and future-oriented industry perspective.

We are dedicated to the promotion of Nordic short films and documentaries internationally, strengthening the Nordic-international professional network in order to market and support the Nordic short and documentary community. We have activities all year round to continously further this mission.

Our Board Members are all currently active within the field of short film and/or documentary in their countries, consulting their national reference groups on important decisions, giving us an even broader Nordic network for Nordisk Panorama.

We strongly encourage Nordic film professionals to join in and get involved!