License Agreement

For Nordisk Panorama Market Online

At Nordisk Panorama Market Online international TV-buyers, distributors, sales agents, festival programmers and other carefully selected and registered film professionals can watch full-length films at their own convenience.

Nordisk Panorama Market Online

Nordisk Panorama Market Online is closely monitored, and the statistics concerning the viewing of your film will be made available to you. If an international distributor is involved with your film, we recommend that you consult with them. This service is meant as a supplement to the efforts of the producer and distributor.

License Agreement for Nordisk Panorama Market Online

Please read this page carefully before submitting your film in Nordisk Panorama’s password-protected online screening service for Nordic short films and documentaries – Nordisk Panorama Market Online.

1. By submitting the film to Nordisk Panorama Market and agreeing to the following terms, I confirm that I am acting on behalf of the rights owner of The Film submitted, and I accept the terms of agreement as described in the regulations and license agreement.

2. I hereby make available The Film in the password protected online business-to-business screening platform at for registered and by Nordisk Panorama approved film professionals.

3. If the film is selected to the competition programme, I hereby agree to make the film available to accredited guests for 30 days after the festival in the password protected online screening platform.

4. By submission of the film I agree to hold Nordisk Panorama harmless against all claims, liabilities and damages arising from utilizing the rights given in this agreement.

5. With the exception of the hosting company of Nordisk Panorama, it is forbidden to transfer this licence to a third party unless the rights owner gives his or her prior written consent.

6. The duration of this contract is unlimited until it is terminated by one of the parties with a termination period of six (6) months.

7. Danish Law rules this contract. The place of jurisdiction is Copenhagen.

Once you have submitted your film and by doing so, you have accepted these terms.

You will get:

• A personal login to your film(s)

• Promotion of your film to more than 1400 international TV-buyers, distributors, festival programmers and other film professionals

• Information about who has seen your film and who has expressed interest in it upon your request.

Please send us an email or give us a call if you have any questions or wish to have further information.