About Nordisk Panorama Film Festival

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival takes place in September in Malmö, Sweden. During six days the festival venues and the streets are filled with screenings and narratives from all over the world, seminars and business events alongside parties for young and old. The festival is the biggest film festival for Nordic documentary and short films, and provides a unique platform for films to be noticed and distributed around the world.

The annual Nordisk Panorama Film Festival is hosted by the City of Malmö, Film i Skåne, and Nordisk Panorama. Since its beginning in 1990 the festival has been touring the five Nordic countries but since 2013 the festival has been permanently located in Malmö – a city that puts a lot of effort into the film industry and accommodates a big short and documentary film audience.

The festival provides a unique opportunity to benchmark the Nordic short and documentary film scene, network with the Nordic film industry, watch films made by the most recognized Nordic filmmakers and discover new promising and aspiring Nordic talents.