Nordic Projects at CPH:FORUM 2014


Between Two Worlds by Janus Metz
Production: Henrik Veileborg, Upfront Films in collaboration with Metz Film

Bugs by Andreas Johnsen
Production: Sigrid Dyekær, Danish Documentary Production

Kora by Umesh Kulkarni
Production: Mahdi Fleifel, Nakba Filmworks (UK/DK) / Arbhaat Films (India) Denmark / United Kingdom / India

Lida by Anna Eborn
Production: Katja Adomeit, Adomeit Film
Denmark / Sweden

On Screen Off Record by Rami Farah and co-director Lyana Saleh
Production: Signe Byrge Sørensen, Final Cut for Real
Syria, Denmark, France

School of Life by Mikala Krogh
Production: Sigrid Dyekjær, Danish Documentary Production

Childhood by Margreth Olin
Production: Hans Kristian Schilde, Speranza Film AS

The Grenade Man by Karianne Berge
Production: Carsten Aanonsen, Indie Film

Mogadishu Soldier by Torstein Grude
Production: Bjarte Mørner Tveit, Piraya Film, Co-producer: Peter Engel, Wingman Media
Norway, Denmark

I Remember When I Die by Maria Bäck
Production: Anna-Maria Kantarius, Garagefilm