Campaigns Around Documentaries – Busting the Myths

Sun 18 Sept 16:00-17:30

Some say: “I’m a filmmaker, not an activist”. Others say: “I’m a filmmaker, so I need to be an activist”. And both assumptions are myths.

More and more producers and distributors are experimenting with outreach campaigns that engage audiences in new ways, build non-profit partnerships or aim to make the world a better place.

Yet many remain sceptical: “Why should we bother with this in the first place?” – “I’m not going to make any money off this, am I?” – “My intern can be the impact producer.” – ”My film is not issue-driven so it’s not for me.”

Ben Kempas will be on a mission to counter 13 of the most common misconceptions around outreach work. And the worst myth is: “We can think about all this later”.


Ben Kempas, Film & Campaign