NP Forum Outreach Clinic

Mon 24 – Tues 25 Sept 14:00-18:00

This year we want to put a spotlight on different ways to get your film out there and we are happy to welcome campaign organiser Ben Kempas to the forum.

Ben will host an outreach clinic during Monday & Tuesday’s afternoons where all forum participants are free to pop in for a talk about organising outreach campaigns, building communities and taking control of distribution.

Among Ben’s recent titles you will find: Bugs (outreach campaign and web platform), Seven Songs for a Long Life (website and social media), Awake (NationBuilder website), And Then You Win (own documentary project)

This is a great opportunity to get feedback for concrete projects and to be inspired. We strongly encourage forum participants to have a talk with Ben!
To book a meeting with Ben, please send an email indicating the title of your project and a short logline to forum assistant Clara Malet no later than 5 September.