Forum Programme 2019

Sunday 22 September

09:00-15:00   Producers Meet Producers (for selected producers)

13:30-14:30   Presentation of the Nordic film institutes

14:30-15:00   Presentation of the delegation’s production landscape

12:30-17:00   Pitch teams’ individual meetings with moderators

14:00-17:00   Trailer test for pitch teams

18:30-19:45   Meet the Decision-Makers of NP Forum

20:00             Decision-Makers’ Dinner (only with prior registration)

20:00             Joint Dinner at St. Markus Vinkällare (only with prior registration)


Monday 23 September

09:00-11:00   Welcome to Nordisk Panorama Forum

1st pitching session


11:20-13:00  2nd pitching session


14:20-18:00   Individual meetings, pre-booked by the forum staff
18:00-20:00   NP Happy Hour


Tuesday 24 September

09:00-10:40   3rd pitching session


11:00-12:45   4th pitching session


14:00-17:40   Individual meetings, pre-booked by the forum staff
19:00-01:00   Closing of the 30th Nordisk Panorama