Forum Programme 2015

Sunday 20 September

09:00-15:30   Producers Meet Producers, Amiralen (for selected producers)

12:30-17:00   Pitch teams’ individual meetings with moderators, Amiralen

14:00-17:00   Trailer test for pitch teams, Amiralen

18:30-19:30   Meet the Decision-Makers of NP Forum, Grand Öl & Mat

20:00-             Decision-Makers’ Dinner at SMAK (only with prior registration)

20:00-             Joint Dinner at St. Markus Vinkällare (only with prior registration)


Monday 21 September

09:00              Welcome to Nordisk Panorama Forum at Amiralen

09:15-10:45   1st pitching session

Prison Sisters, Nima Film
Big Times, Sonntag Pictures
Exit, Sant & Usant
Dive – Rituals in Water / Wildcard, Akkeri Films
The Quest for Tonewood / Wildcard, Norsk Fjernsyn AS
Coast Clear?, Zone2 Pictures Oy


11:15-13:00  2nd pitching session

Doshka, EiE film
Death of a Child, Final Cut for Real
Ambulance, JAB Film
Afripedia – Welcome to creativity / Wildcard, Stocktown Films AB
Tukdam: A Question of Life and Death, Making Movies Oy
The Man Who Wanted to Save the World, Grunnet Film


14:20-18:00   Individual meetings, pre-booked by the forum staff


Tuesday 22 September

09:00-10:30   3rd pitching session

School of Life, Danish Documentary
The Other Jerusalem, HB PeÅ Holmquist Film
Moderator’s Hat
FC Kareoki, Edisons Moving Pictures
My Plato’s Cave / Wildcard, Double Back Documentaries Ltd
Mogadishu Soldier, Piraya Film AS


11:00-12:45   4th pitching session

Isolation, Momento Film AB
Meet the Censors, Medieoperatørene AS
Bobbi Jene / Wildcard, Sonntag Pictures
Let’s Do It!, Traumfabrik
After Inez, Karin Ekberg AB
Photographer of War, Good Company Pictures


14:00-17:40   Individual meetings, pre-booked by the forum staff
19:30-02:00   Closing of the 26th Nordisk Panorama

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