Where’s the Finnish Party?

We are hereby inviting you to co-host a party or a session with us during Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 2017. Join in!

At last years Film festival, Norwegian production company Indie Film initiated the great tradition of the producer’s party with hosting a happy hour as part of our Norwegian Focus.
Finland is our focus country in 2017, and and with this year’s focus on Finland we are passing on the torch to the Finns!

Want to pick up the mantle or nominate a great candidate to host a Finnish happy hour or party at Nordisk Panorama 2017?
Contact us straight away with so that we can start cocking and see if we can find a match!

Why only the Finns!?
Don’t worry, we want to hear from everyone. Write us with ideas for parties, seminars or events you’d like to see happen or want to co-produce.

Send an email to cecilie@nordiskpanorama.com and let that be the start of the discussion for our possible future collaboration.