Call for the position of


of Nordisk Panorama as of spring 2015,

position commencing April 1st, 2015


The board of Nordisk Panorama seeks to hire a Director for the organisation as of spring 2015. We are seeking a professional who has a passion for documentary and short films and is qualified to take on the task of working with the board of running the organisation and envisioning the future financially and ideologically.

The Director

Nordisk Panorama is at the forefront of Nordic short and documentary marketing and promotion and stays on top of new trends and challenges in the field. We are looking for an inspired person who combines experience with innovation to identify new frontiers and ensure that great Nordic films get funded and seen by the Nordic community and worldwide in the future.
Applicants for the position as director of Nordisk Panorama must:

  • Be experienced in financing, marketing and distribution of documentaries and short films.
  • Have a broad network of contacts within the film/television communities in the Nordic countries, and preferably beyond.
  • Have organisational, administrative, fund-raising and social skills, which are essential for this position. Experience in putting on cultural events is a plus.
  • Have the ability to lead and take part in the work of a team.
  • Have good communication skills and an open mind that can adapt easily to new challenges and new formats.
  • Be fluent both in speech and writing in at least one Scandinavian language in addition to English.

The director answers to a board appointed by Nordic organisations of film professionals. Salary and terms of contract are subject to Danish law. The position as director is for a five-year period at the end of which the contract may be extended.

About Nordisk Panorama

Nordisk Panorama (formerly Filmkontakt Nord) was established in 1991 by the independent Nordic film community for the advancement and promotion of Nordic short and documentary films.

The organisation’s primary activity and most visible brand is Nordisk Panorama – Nordic Short & Doc Film Festival now taking place in Malmö, Sweden. It is the main annual industry platform for the Nordic short and documentary film community comprising a 5-day festival of quality films, seminars and workshops for audiences and industry alike in addition to Nordisk Panorama Market and Nordisk Panorama Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries.

Year round, the organisation offers consultancy in matters about international financing and distribution of short and documentary films and acts as a facilitator and matchmaker at international events.

Besides the Nordisk Panorama event the main assets of the organisation are the large network of filmmakers and film professionals and an extensive unsurpassed online catalogue of Nordic documentaries, short films and animations. Until now the film catalogue has provided excellent business-to-business tools for international outreach but has a great potential to be developed further.

The Nordisk Panorama director heads the organisation as well as the annual event. The director works together with a full time staff of two plus a part time accountant in the office in Copenhagen and a full time festival producer in the office in Malmö. Seasonal staff of up to 12 in addition to interns and volunteers is employed in both Copenhagen and Malmö around the Nordisk Panorama event in September.


The application should contain a CV and a description of the strengths and abilities that the applicant will be bringing to the work of Nordisk Panorama. References by film/TV professionals are appreciated.

Applications should be sent no later than 16 February to chairman Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir: marked DIRECTOR.

Interviews with shortlisted candidates will take place on 27 February.

For further information about the work of the director, please contact Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir: +354 821 1110 /, or the present director of Nordisk Panorama, Katrine Killgaard: +45 2042 4529 /