Film Submission FAQ


Which format should I submit my film in?

You can read the requirements here. Please have all your files ready before starting the submission.

If my film has premiered already, can I still submit to Nordisk Panorama festival?

Yes. Nordisk Panorama has no requirement for premieres so it is OK to submit even if your film has shown in other festivals /TV channels / Cinemas.

My film was shot independently. Can I submit without a production company?

Yes, you can. However, you cannot skip the Company step in the submission. Put your name and details into the boxes and proceed this way. In the Comment section at the end you can simply state you are an independent without a company.

I do not have a Sales company / Festival distribution. How can I proceed?

That is OK. Just fill out your production company details and continue forward. If you are an independent, fill out your name and information and proceed.

I completed the submission but when I clicked Submit it sent me back to start page. Did my submission go through?

Check your film file first. Are the specifications correct? If the file is too large, sometimes the server can experience difficulties in the upload.
If your film file is correct, please contact us at

I completed the submission but did not receive a confirmation. Did my submission go through?

The confirmation e-mail will be sent to the Sender’s e-mail. If you are the Sender, check your spam folder. As it is an automated message sometimes it will end up in the spam folder.
If you cannot find any e-mail the submission most likely did not go through. Please check your film file doesn’t exceed the max. size. If you are still unsure of what the trouble is please contact us on

My film is still not completed. Can I submit?

We prefer to receive films which are complete so your film will get the best out of the consideration process. But please contact us if you have further questions at

I want to send a better screener for my film with better specifications. Can I do so?

No. We have developed the specifications for our screening window which serves our international programming team. The specification are for films viewed on iPads, laptops, etc. This is not the version we will use if your film is selected for the festival.


Didn’t find an answer to your question, please call us +45 5152 3311 or write us