The 2017 festival in review

The takeaways, the fun & the photos.

The 28th edition of Nordisk Panorama Film Festival in 2017 became the year when we passed 1.000 delegates. Accredited guests from over 30 different countries visited Sweden and the festival´s fifth consecutive year in Malmö.

The diverse mix of film professionals and public audience is in many ways what makes the film festival a unique experience. The more than 50 Q&A sessions following film screenings are great examples of this and resulted in numerous fruitful meetings and discussions between the audience and the filmmakers behind the films.

Again in 2017 we continue to see an increase in our audience numbers including all events arranged during the festival, this year surpassing an audience of over 17 000 visitors. Over the last three years we have seen an increase of nearly 80%.
We also see that our audience in cinemas numbers continue to go up, thus proving last years exceptional 37% increase was kept and surpassed in 2017. The continued growth of the audience’s interest in short and documentary film leaves us thankful and thrilled.

We are very proud to announce a 56% increase of our youngest cinemagoers. This includes school bookings, with students up to 18 years old, attending our Young Nordics screenings as well as film screenings in the main programme.
The Virtual Reality experiences, this year, housed at the festival hub Inkonst, increased enormously with 260% more visitors participating in the diverse activities. This meant a lot of visitors indulging in Co-creation The Virtual GardenNothing HappensEgo CureMy Child Lebensborn and Le Jardin des Pensées. Nordisk Panorama and all our fantastic VR partners are ecstatic with this development!


The Award Winners

During the festival we screened over 110 films, both in cinemas and various other Malmö venues made in to cinmeas. The best Nordic short and documentary films produced in 2016 and 2017 were selected, screened and competing for the Nordisk Panorama Awards. At the Forum and Market we provided a co-financing and promotion platform dedicated to funding, distribution, feedback, collaborations and exchange of experiences among filmmakers and decision-makers.

The 2017 Nordisk Panorama Award winners deserves many mentions and we proudly announced: Best Nordic Documentary “Last Men in Aleppo” [Denmark, Syria, Germany] directed by Feras Fayyad (SY), Best Nordic Short Film “Arr. for a Scene” [Finland, France] directed by Jonna Kina (FI), Best New Nordic Voice Documentary “Loving Lorna” [Sweden] directed by Jessica Karlsson (SE) & Annika Karlsson (SE), Best New Nordic Voice Short”Penelope” [Estonia] directed by Heta Jäälinoja (FI), Children’s Choice Award “Schoolyard Blues” [Sweden] directed by Maria Eriksson (SE) and Nordisk Panorama Audience Award“The Celestial Darkroom” [Sweden, Belgium] directed by Nils Petter Löfstedt (SE).


Finnish Focus

There was a lot of Sisu in Malmö during the 6 festival days highlighting this year’s Finnish Focus. Our Scream Along Cinema was packed with people taking part in a 30-minute screaming session orchestrated by a Finnish conductor. It was highly entertaining, to say the least, and left the audience with stronger vocal chords and lots of laughs. To combine sauna and cinema was a Finnish Focus hit, and Ribersborgs Kallbadhus was a perfect host for our Sauna Cinema. The Finnish hobbyhorse phenomena was introduced to the festival audience in numerous ways. At the opening night guests took on the indoor track following the screening of Hobbyhorse Revolution and at a public Saturday gathering in Malmö Folkets Park enthusiasts could try out the hobby that is taking the world by storm.
Kiitos Finland!


2017 Conference Programme and Social Events

This year´s Conference Programme offered a wide variety of sessions providing know how and opportunities for filmmakers on the lookout for the latest trends at the international market. It also gave the public audience a chance to get a glimpse into the film industry.

Meeting, greeting and partying is an essential part of the festival experience and we were very happy with this year’s extended collaboration with Grand Öl & Mat hosting the industry Happy Hours and the Nordic Club Nights with concerts and happenings as well as a lively Festival Bar.



A record number of more than 330 professionals from 22 countries attended Nordisk Panorama Forum 2017. 24 projects pitched at NP Forum to more than 70 decision-makers while an additional 22 projects were presented in one-to-one meetings. More than 530 pre-booked meetings took place over the two afternoons of the forum. We are looking forward to following the projects, seeing the results and hopefully welcoming back the finished films at Nordisk Panorama Film Festival.



The Market was buzzing with over 100 international decision-makers from 19 countries, making great use of the screening facilities, the closed screenings, one-to-one meetings, Work-in-Progress presentations and this years Conference Programme.

Finally, we have the photos to prove all the fun. If you haven´t seen them yet, click and take a look around. Feel free to tag yourself, your colleagues and your friends!

Seen our photos yet?

NP Awards Gala Photos
Enjoy our selection of photos from the NP Awards Gala 2017. (Link to Facebook)
Opening Night Photos
Enjoy our selection of photos from the Opening Night 2017
Friday 22:nd Photos
A day filled of sauna, industry talks, happy hour & much much more
Saturday 23:rd Photos
Scream along, VR, Hobbyhorses, Seminars, How we Did it & more
Sunday 24:th Photos
A day filled with talks, meetings, party and great screenings
Monday 25:th Photos
Forum, Social, Green shots, talks, VR & more


Award winners 2017

The winners of the 2017 NP Awards >