A cinema screening of VR – with live actors.

Kinematografi takes you into the mind of a woman suffering from the delusion that she is a character from an Ingmar Bergman film. A psychiatrist tries to convince you that the memories you are reliving from that cottage by the sea are not your own. You are not a woman created by the male genius.

A VR cinema premiere and exclusive experience with sensory interaction, this piece invites you into an intimate story where memories are physical and fiction is contagious.

Kinematografi, a work in progress, is presented by Malmö based performing arts company Bombina Bombast in collaboration with BoostHbg.

Place: Biograf Spegeln

Day: Saturday 22 September

Time: 11:00 and 13:00

Duration: 40 minutes (including Q&A)


Bombina Bombast is a performing arts company based in Malmö under the artistic direction of Emma Bexell & Stefan Stanisic. Since it was founded in 2011, Bombina Bombast has produced over 30 original works for stage and screen, all characterised by the performative meeting innovative technologies, and lately with a focus on virtual reality. The company has presented at festivals and venues worldwide, including theatre festivals in Europe and China as well as the Cannes and Sundance film festivals.


BoostHbg is a Helsingborg-based development fund for new formats and new ways of developing stories. BoostHbg facilitates workshops, development programmes and lectures, and supports Skåne-based storytellers and developers who combine powerful story worlds with audience engagement. At Nordisk Panorama 2018, BoostHbg has teamed up with regional creatives to showcase examples of new Nordic storytelling and the development process for new formats.