Becoming Astrid + Hvalagapet at Sommarscen Malmö

Join us for a night in the park! Hvalagapet was a part of the Young Nordic programme at the Nordisk Panorama festival 2018. The screening of Becoming Astrid and Hvalagapet is a collaboration with Sommarscen Malmö, and Folkets Bio Malmö.

Sommarscen Malmö is an outdoor festival for two months every summer. It is presented in over 44 different sites and venues in the open air all over Malmö with 143 free performances for children, youngsters and adults to take part of. No ticket needed.


Becoming Astrid

Director: Pernille Fischer Christensen | Sweden 2018 | 123 min | dialogue in Swedish

As a young woman Astrid Lindgren’s life took a turn that came to affect her fundamentally. A combination of a miracle and a mishap that came to shape her entire life. This is the story of when a young Astrid, despite the expectations of the times and religious orders, decided to break the norms of society and follow her heart.


Director: Liss-Anett Steinskog | Norway 2017 | 13 min | dialogue in norwegian| english subtitles

The story of 12 year old Rikke’s first confrontation with serious feelings: the thing called love. It’s all over in an hour. But reality and the fantasy of love often clash, and expressing emotions and dealing with other people’s feelings is an art acquired through hard-earned experience.