Short film package: Rebels With A Cause

Strong characters with bold and unflinchingly brazen attitudes take centre stage in this programme. Featuring Mika Gustafson’s Mephobia, which blurs the lines between fiction and non-fiction with her hard-hitting short following a group of young women causing havoc in a Swedish neighbourhood, while Brúsi Ólason’s Viktoría dramatises a farmer’s battle to keep her dairy farm afloat after her only colleague leaves her stranded, and the brilliant experimental dance film Juck, pushes boundaries in female representation. Filmmaking that packs a punch – unapologetically so.


Mika Gustafson / 2017 / Sweden / 24 min

The Elephant

Kerren Lumer-Klabbers / 2017 / Denmark / 13 min

Water Bears

Yenni Lee / 2017 / Norway / 10 min


Olivia Kastebring & Julia Gumpert & Ulrika Bandeira / 2018 / Sweden / 18 min


Brúsi Ólason / 2018 / Iceland / 13 min

The films are nominated for Best Nordic Short 2018

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