Happy Hour 2018


After a day full of screenings and meetings comes a cheerful NP Happy Hour!

Every evening at 6 PM, you are invited to chat and connect with old and new industry colleagues. Our sponsors will warmly welcome you during these Happy Hours: Film i Skåne will host the Friday night which is dedicated to shorts, dok.incubator will be the master of Saturday’s ceremony,

Don’t miss these essential hours of the festival!  Accreditation needed for the Happy Hours

Friday – Film i Skåne,

This evening is dedicated to shorts! We will socialise with short filmmakers and decision makers alike. The evening is a collaboration with Film i Skåne, the lifeblood of cinematic activities and film production in the region.


Saturday – dok.incubator

Every year, the intensive dok.incubator programme helps filmmakers make their way through the documentary industry, with the help of skilled professionals. Come along and discover this year’s exciting workshop programme at Nordisk Panorama and get an insight into Sunday’s preview of the eight documentaries!


Sunday – UpNorth Film

Grab a drink to celebrate new production company UpNorth. The company consists of some of Norway’s most accomplised documentary producers and filmmakers who joined forces with an impressive filmography.


Monday – The Swedish Film Institute

The Swedish Film Institute invites for a night of mingle, networking and the opportunity to meet our documentary consultants Klara Grunning and Juan Pablo Libossart. Welcome!