Nordic Lives at Röda Rummet

Lobster fishing in Sweden, cheerleading in Iceland, filmmaking in Norway, and upcycling in Finland. These documentary shorts explore the lives of ordinary Nordic folk through their work, hobbies, and passions. We see traditions being passed down from father to daughter in The Last in a Line of Fishermen, dreams turning into reality in the wonderful Line, and lessons in how to reuse, recycle and save the planet in the inspiring Practical Ecology. Docs to warm the soul. Screening includes an Q & A.


This Short Film Package is also screened at Malmö Stadsbibliotek from 15 – 30 September (2018). Free

Oxie Bibliotek will also screen Nordic Lives, the 19/9, 24/9 and 26/9 in Berättarrummet 16:30 (2018). Free

More info about the films further down: