SFI Filmrummet Presents:

“Beyond Reality– A conversation exploring the creative power of animated documentary storytelling”

In this session, we meet filmmakers who will share and discuss the creative processes and power of working with animated documentary, through three case studies (FLEE, CRAIG and THE NIGHT). The goal is to obtain a deeper insight into how to discover, realise and create images through animation when they have been lost, and how, through new artistic expression and visual voice, we can take ownership of memories and past human experiences. This conversation will also touch on the challenges of financing, presenting and producing animated documentaries.


Juan Pablo Libossart och Klara Grunning – moderators from Svenska Filminstitutet


Elin Kalmert för Story AB

Monica Hällström, för Final Cut For REal

Jonas Poher Rasmussen, för Final Cut for REal

Carsten Aanonsen, för IndiFilm

Steffan Strandberg, för IndiFilm