Dissenting Voices

This programme of six short films explores conflict – large, small, internal and external – from battling your own inner fears to quarrelling with your neighbours. Using footage from inside Tampere Council House, “Taking the Floor” documents the debate surrounding the proposal to introduce trams to the city, with surprisingly humorous results. While emotions run high in “The Dog” when a passer-by witnesses the murder of a neighbour’s pet…

Programmer’s note: A roller coaster of emotions, and a refreshing mix of styles and techniques.

You are welcome to buy THE SUNDAY SHORT FILM PASS (125 SEK). It is valid for all short film programmes at Cinema Spegeln on 24 September and available at http://bit.ly/np_shortsunday

This Film Package features:

Nothing Happens
In a Few Years Everything Will be Different
Taking the Floor
The Dog