Vinnare: Nordisk Panorama Awards 2015

Best Nordic Documentary Award


Vinnare av bästa nordiska dokumentär blev Democrats i regi av Camilla Nielsson

Motivering: For its complexity, attentiveness to details, ability to tell the story in artful and concise way and unprecedented access to the events, we would like to give Best Nordic Documentary Award to Democrats. A film that manages to approach a unique moment in the history of Zimbabwe in an honest, straight-forward approach creating a compelling, suspenseful drama.

Jury: Yrsa Roca Fannberg, Vinnare av Best Nordic Documentary Award 2014 (Iceland) Martin Horyna, programmer / Karlovy Vary IFF (Czech Republic) Wendy Ettinger, co founder / Chicken & Egg (USA)

Om priset: The Best Nordic Documentary Award delas ut av juryn till en av filmerna i tävlan, priset är elva tusen euro sponsrat av de fem nordiska public service-bolagen DR, YLE, RUV, NRK och SVT.

Hedersomämnande: Martha & Niki i regi av Tora Mårtens

Kopia av Martha & Niki African Photo Shoot_6 7 (1)

Motivering: For its cinematic energy in telling the story of two talented, driven women, for an intimate portrait of two friends on a journey of self-discovery as well as in a male competitive world, that at times can test a friendship. We would like to award the film Martha & Niki with an honorable mention.

Best Nordic Short Film Award

The Pride of Strathmoor_mindre

Vinnare av Bästa nordiska kortfilm blev The Pride of Strathmoor i regi av Einar Baldvin

Motivering: This film is a visually stunning depiction of horror. The portrait, not even hundred years old, evokes a sense of present relevance and timelessness. It visualizes an inner fear built on prejudice, which provides human mind with reasons to kill.

The film literally grabbed us by the core. It is a profound piece of very skilfully implemented work, that manages to create a dense emotional landscape -vibrant, atmospheric and very scary. Watching the film becomes an unsettling, almost physical experience. The sound design supports the powerful images, making this distorted, expressionistic nightmare complete.

Jury: Daniel Vadocky, Head of Sales / National Film Archive in Prague & Artfilmfest (Czech Republic / Slovakia) Kira Richards Hansen, Vinnare av Best Nordic Short Film Award 2014 (Denmark) Paola Ruggeri, Head of Short Films / Rti Spa (Itlay)

Om priset: Prissumman sju tusen euro är sponsorad av de nordiska regissörsföreningarna Danish Film Directors, Directors Guild of Finland, Guild of Icelandic Film Directors, Norwegian Film Makers Association och Swedish Film Directors.

Vinnaren av Best Nordic Short Film blir även kvalificerad till en nominering i kortfilmskategorin på the Annual Academy Awards®, förutsatt att filmen uppfyller galans övriga regler.

Best New Nordic Voice Award


Vinnare av Best New Nordic Voice blev Bird Hearts i regi av Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel

Motivering: Sometimes a film is just so well executed, it has to be celebrated. From script to screen, from the first scene to the very last, this film tells a familiar story in an original and most captivating way. It demands your attention and never lets it go.
Set in a young, middle class world where peoples insecurities, relationships and gender roles are put to the test, the film never looses sight of where it is going. By taking its characters and their lives seriously, it maintains a tenacious grasp on the story it is telling. It lets it unfold naturally through a seamless series of events that resonates with the audience, and teaches us to never underestimate the power of the stories we tell.

Jury: Tobias Åkesson, Head of Swedish Films & Nordic Film Lab / GIFF (Sweden), Aira Planting, Acquisitions Executive / NRK (Norway), Alexander Lind, Vinnare av New Nordic Voice Award 2014 (Denmark)

Om priset: Priset delas ut till en av nordens nya och lovande regissörer. Prissumman 3500 euro sponsras av Film i Skåne.

Hedersomnämnande: This Place is Every Place i regi av Ane Hjort Guttu


Motivering: Every frame and word are of significance in a film that succeeds in capturing political movements on a large scale and place them in a small suburban context, giving the place an almost mythological dimension. A truly unique Nordic voice, both challenging and intriguing, that promise a lot for the future.

Publikens Pris

The Look of Silence

Malmöpublikens favoritfilm blev The Look of Silence i regi av Joshua Oppenheimer. Priset, 25.000 kr är sponsrat av Malmö Stad.