”Showing the Other Side” Masterclass with Paul S. Refsdal

Refsdal is a journalist turned into a documentary filmmaker. After leaving the Norwegian army in 1984, he went to Afghanistan to report on the Mujahedin fighting Soviet occupation. In the following decades Refsdal reported on more than a dozen insurgent groups including the KLA in Kosovo, the Tamil Tigers, the Shining Path of Peru, the Chechen rebels, the Afghan Taliban and the Syrian branch of Al-Qaida.

During the making of his first documentary, “Taliban Behind Masks” (2010), he was kidnapped by a rouge Taliban commander, something that effectively put an end to the filming.

Paul Refsdal will talk about the intended message of his films and the concept of showing the human side of our designated enemies. He will describe the numerous hurdles and dilemmas which had to be overcome in making his second documentary, “Dugma – The Button”, including dealing with broadcasters anxious about airing the film.