Working with Nordic talent

Sunday 18 Sept 15.00–16.45 /  Film Centrum Syd / Accreditation only / Sign-up

Nordisk Panorama sincerely wishes to be a central driving platform in collaboration with the regional film centers on the Nordic level. We therefore invite all of you working with developing film talent to joins us for an afternoon workshop, where we talk about some of the gabs in the present schemes and get new inspiration on how to bridge them.

With our special focus on Norway in 2016 what is more natural than inviting the people behind the exiting new initiative FILMLAB NORGE to talk about their ideas and experiences. Anders Fristad Rudolf from Mediefabrikken and Terje André Nymark from Filmveksthuset Tvibit will present their newly launched project.

FilmLab Norge is a new talent development initiative by Norway’s regional film centers. The yearlong program aims to encourage individuals with distinct voices to take creative risks, and focus on original and innovative storytelling. The people behind the imitative will take us through the idea behind the program, the background for the 50 % private funding, and how they believe this will lead the participants on the path to realizing their feature film projects.

After the presentation of FilmLab Norge, we will open up for a discussion and hopefully this might lead to ideas for collaboration across border in the Nordic countries and beyond. Signe Lund Juhler from the Danish foundation Filmtalent will share experiences from the international collaboration project Screen Talent Europe on this note.

The workshop takes place at Film Centrum Syd, Sunday 18 September 15:00 – 16:45 and is open for all relevant participants with prior registration.