A Wall is a Screen

City wall cinema
Sat 17 Sept / 20.00-22.00 / Panora Film Square / Free Admission

Join us for a unique cinematic voyage organised by the German artists behind “A Wall is a Screen” as they take you around Malmö and transform the cities’ many walls into cinema screens.

Every “A Wall is a Screen” tour is one-of-a-kind, the symbiosis between film and location creates a fascinating and unique perspective that re-defines the public space. This open air short film walk will undoubtedly show you another side of the city.

The tours performed by “A Wall is a Screen” have inspired and surprised audiences all over the world. “A Wall is a Screen” is an entrance free, mobile cinema which projects short films onto walls in urban areas. Mobile projection equipment allows the team and audience to move through the public space at night and to screen short films on different locations.

Why not let your evening stroll around the city turn into a cinematic voyage?
Bring your umbrella if it rains. This event takes place in all weathers!

The programme is presented in cooperation with Malmö Fairtrade City.